Friday, 4 December 2015

@Phil [Minor Project] 26: Oxygen Character; Thumbnails 56-75

After receiving feedback from Phil and Jackie about my previous Oxygen thumbnails, I have adjusted my tactic. The main changes include the moving of the facial features higher up the body, the addition of a button nose, and bringing back the mouth's horizontal symmetry. My favourite thumbnails are 75, 70 and 68

In thumbnail 75, to help fill the blank space on Oxygen's body I tested out a tie inspired by the Erlenmeyer flask, however it quickly became apparent that this wasn't really working and I removed it in the next thumbnail.


Oxygen character thumbnails 56-75

More influences


  1. Yes, I definitely think it's better without the tie. Have you thought about the back-view yet? And don't forget to post your thoughts on sound/voiceover etc :)

    1. Not just yet, probably going to figure out his hands first, and began colour picking today; I've now finally posted about the sound :)

  2. Yep - I think 75 is charming and cheeky!